AIRP_GAPA_LargeWhen it comes to the heating and air business, someone said “it’s not just about comfort any more.”

Today’s systems have advanced well beyond just heating and cooling and now address other important issues like indoor air quality.

Poor air quality can have a significant impact on your family’s health and and well being. Allergy sufferers, the elderly and the young are highly susceptible to respiratory complications caused by indoor pollutants.

Common indoor pollutants include pet dander, bacteria, viruses, odors, mold, pollen, dust, off gases from furnishings and chemical cleaners. Over 90% of all air borne irritants in the home are too small to see with the human eye.

The good news is that here at Oasis Heating and Air, we’re focused on your home’s air quality as well as your comfort. Today’s homes are much tighter than in the past so less outdoor air enters the home to dilute indoor pollutants. Thankfully, we now have a range of innovative whole-house solutions to effectively improve the quality of your indoor air. Whether it’s a high density filter to trap tiny particulate, or a purifier that actually kills germs, we’ll help determine the best solutions to keep your indoor air clean.

Most of these enhancements can be retrofitted into almost any existing system and can easily be added to any new system.

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